Meet Your Inspector


My name is Allen Dicharry and I've been married to my lovely wife since 2001.  We have two wonderful sons.  Born and raised in New Orleans and having lived in Midland for almost 20 years, I have been exposed to and worked in a variety of residential construction contexts - from remodeling to new construction to flipping houses.  I've also been a Registered Nurse since 2001 and a pastor since 2010.  My experience in residential construction, healthcare, and ministry are a valuable asset to this industry and here's why. 

Buying a house is a major and often stressful decision. It can bring out some of the worst fights in a relationship. A third-party inspector is someone...

  • who’s not financially invested in whether the house sells, 
  • who can talk about objective issues in a careful, realistic, and yet sensitive way, 
  • who can make recommendations for any issues or deficiencies that come up, and
  • who can answer the questions, concerns and fears of a buyer.

An inspector who does those things well can be such a stabilizing factor in the whole process. As a general contractor, I usually know what it takes to fix whatever is deficient. As a pastor and as a nurse, I understand how to walk with people through tough decisions and help them think clearly and realistically.  I believe that combination will truly serve my clients and could help  smooth out the whole real estate transaction. That’s what I aim for in every inspection.

By the end of the inspection process, I hope the house that popped up and grabbed my client’s interest would seem less like just another house and more like a home they can be proud to call their own. That’s what House to Home Inspections Services is all about. 

"Bringing You All the Way Home"