Water Well Inspections and Water Quality Testing

Water Well Inspections

We will perform a visual inspection of your water well system.  We will check the condition of the pipes, the electrical, any tanks in place.  In some cases, a draw down test may be performed to determine gallons per minute.  (Please note: many inspectors check a well flow rate by timing how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket at a hose bib.  However, this only reflects the capacity and performance at the pressure tank at the time of the test. It does not accurately reflect the flow rate of the well itself.  An hour or two later, the flow rate at the hose bib could be drastically different. On systems with a control switch and pressure storage tank, a draw down test will be more accurate.) 


Water Quality Testing

We also provide a variety of water tests, ranging from $75 to $350   We work with local water testing labs to get fast results.  We will go over the results with you and help you understand exactly what's flowing through your faucets. Results will be sent via email as soon as we receive them from the lab. (Note: Standard results take 7-10 business days. Expedited results take 1-3 business days.) 

1.) Total Coliform/ E. Coli

2.) Drinking Water Analysis

3.) Total Drinking Water Analysis (combines Items 1 & 2 above)

4.) Total Drinking Water Package (incl. Item 3 + arsenic and chromium)

5.) EPA (drinking water analysis + nitrites and lead)

6.) EPA L1 (drinking water analysis + nitrites, lead, & T Coliform/E. Coli

7.) EPA L2 (incl. item 6 plus arsenic and chromium)