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Knowledgeable and Professional

We recognize purchasing a home is a major and often stressful decision.  Our goal is to empower you with the information you need so that you can be confident about your purchase. At the end of the inspection, we want you to feel good about moving into not just a house, but your very own home - a place you've come to know personally.


Realistic and Practical

 While no house is perfect, we want you to find the perfect home for you. We work hard to help you understand any deficiencies and how they can be addressed. Our experience in residential construction makes our assessments and recommendations a valuable asset to buyers, sellers, realtors, investors, relocation companies, and many more. 


So You Can Be Confident

While the State of Texas requires all home inspectors inspect to a minimum standard of practice, we inspect to a higher standard, giving you a firmer grasp of the condition of your home.  We want you to arrive at the closing table with no regrets.  

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